The future is bright

Elberty County Business

Who we are

The mission for the Elbert County Partnership is to promote the common good and general welfare of Elbert County communities by bringing about civic betterment and social improvements, to protect the agricultural history, while promoting the county to be a great place to live and raise a family. We uphold the deep conservative values, property rights, God and country by standing for the constitution. As the county grows, we want to promote choices in housing, strong education, job opportunities, access to goods & services, protection of our water, improve roads and traffic and improving our first responders. Unity and common values are focused with the help of citizens who have the county’s best interests at heart.

Our Goals

It’s no secret Elbert County is growing. In fact, we are growing at two percent a year. Our leaders are working to manage it the right way and ensure we grow smart while maintaining the independent values that make Elbert County Elbert County. 

Windmill on an Elbert County Ranch
Our County leaders BELIEVE

in a bright future

A future with neighborhood amenities and well-funded government services such as roads, parks, and outdoor spaces.

We want to make Elbert County a place all of us want to call home — families, businesses, and new people moving here.

Elbert County is also a place proud to celebrate the Colorado way, the Western way, the rugged way. We value personal freedoms and property rights. And, elect public servants who uphold these rights.

We are Elbert County.